March Prayer Breakfast

Every month Reverend Larry White and Pastor Peggy Benson organize a prayer breakfast in hopes to unify the christian community and pray for a spiritual revival in Marathon, Florida Keys. Pastors in attendance today included Pastor Keith La Fountain from New Life Church Assembly of God and Pastor Nick Vaughn from the Marathon Church of God. Pastor Peggy Benson is the senior pastor at Marathon Community Methodist Church. Rev. Larry White pastors the St Paul AME Church. We also had an amazing guest singer at the breakfast this morning James M. Mcduffy Jr.

Pastor Nick opened up in prayer and Pastor Keith gave us a devotional titled: How to be still and hear the voice of God. He began with reminding us that God wants to talk to us! (Genesis 3:8) “Are we in communion with the holy spirit?” he asked and if so, “what has God told us lately?”. Instead of prioritizing our plans we must become in line with God’s plan for us. Conversation is a two way interaction and we often find ourselves talking without waiting for God’s input. God wants to talk to us throughout our challenges and is in constant communication with us. Are we listening?

In John 10:27, Jesus is the True Shepherd, he states “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me”. Can you hear Jesus’ voice in your life? Pastor Keith emphasized how to distinguish Jesus’ voice above all the other voices we hear. The devil keeps us distracted and busy so that we are not still enough to hear God. We must seek a relationship with Him and seek the presence of God. Jesus woke up early before the others to speak to the Father, are we setting aside time to speak with our Father? Amen Pastor Keith, great message today.

We look forward to the upcoming event, Relay for Christ on April 18, 2014. We will be selling shirts for $10, proceeds will be donated to KAIR, a interdenominational non-profit organization seeking to serve those individuals and families in Marathon and the Florida Keys who have found themselves in crisis. Augusto Odio and Maggie Odio from Community Learning Ministries dropped off food donations to Independence Cay, a non profit organization that provides food via weekly soup kitchen to the homeless.

God Bless,



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We are a community outreach organization providing services to meet the needs of Marathon located in the Florida Keys. To offer spiritual guidance through Bible studies, worship services, recovery and rehabilitation, educational services, and prayer meetings.

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