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El Cuerpo Humano: The Human Body Vocabulary Words




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SSL Lesson 2 June 6,2014

Hola estudiantes!

Use the above video to practice pronunciation of the alphabet.

Usa el video arriba para practicar la pronunciasion del alfabeto.


Use the above link to practice vocabulary words introduced in the video

Click el link arriba para aprender nuevas palabras de vocabulario.

Review greeting pronunciation by clicking the link below

Grace and Peace


SSL Marathon Spanish Class

  1. Greetings Review Part III
  2. Review – Common Spanish Phrases, Days of the week/Month
  3. Pronouns, Estar, Ser (To be) – Homework
  4. Resource Links: Verb Conjugation100 most used verbsPresent Tense Verb Chart


Clases de Inglés – Martes 03-18-14 Material de Estudio

Martes 03-18-14 hicimos un repaso de las clases pasadas y aprendimos los números: 11-20 -100-200-etc

Video de los números

Spanish Lesson 3

Bienvenidos Estudiantes!

1. Review greetings: Listen MP3, , Lesson 2 Review, Demonstratives

2. Lesson 3: a.) Nouns and Articles Slideshow with worksheet (feminine and masculine rules and exceptions)

Here are todays VOCABULARY WORD FLASH CARDS to study

3. Greetings/ Farewell: Conversation Time. Find a partner!

Tengan un buen fin de semana. Por favor estudien la leccion de esta semana. Adios


Spanish Articles and Demonstratives Flashcard

Spanish Articles and Demonstratives Flashcard

I created flashcards for my Spanish Class to help study Articles and Demonstratives.

Happy Studying,

See you Friday


Spanish Lesson #2

Thank you for coming to today’s class. February 28, 2014

Today our objectives are

1. Review last weeks lesson 1: Vocabualry I – The Alphabet, Numbers 1-10, Pronounciation, 3. Greetings I

2. Lesson 2:  a) Vocabulary II: Articles and Demonstratives – Pronounciation

b) Greetings II – Pronounciation, Self-Quiz

Below is a video of an EXAMPLE where you can practice Greetings in a song

Have a great week class and remember to STUDY!


Thank you to ielanguages .com for all your free language lessons!

Community learning Ministries

Outstanding attendance for ESL Class February 21, 2014

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Florida Keys Community Events

Florida Keys Community Events

Check out pictures from our first Spanish Class

Our first free class at the library

Our first free class at the library

Great success !

Great success

Our website

FREE Language Course * Clases de Ingles Gratis

Community Learning Ministries will be offering Language classes for free to the Florida Keys in Marathon starting February 11, 2014. 

ESL English as a Second Language * Clases de Ingles 

Beginner Course * Curso Basico

Starting/ Comienza: February  11, 2014/  14 de Febrero, 2014 

Registration/Registracion: 6 pm

Clases todos los Martes a las 6:30 – 7:30 pm

12 – week course/ Curso de doce semanas

Ministerio Comunitario de Capacitacion

Address/Direccion: 3251 Overseas Highway Marathon, FL 33050 Marathon Biblioteca


SSL Spanish as a Second Language for Beginners

Start Date: February 21, 2014

Registration: 6 pm

Classes will be held every Friday at 6:30 – 7:30 pm

10 – week course

Marathon Library – Monroe County George Dolezal Branch

3251 Overseas Highway Marathon, Fl 33050



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